Thursday, December 29, 2016

Today I committed the work I did during the Christmas holidays for the Lino Care project (tickets #1285 and #1304). Here is an overview of these changes.

  • New module lino.modlib.restful and which uses it. Currently just a proof of concept.

  • New field User.last_login as a side effect of above. Also lino.modlib.users.forms and lino.modlib.users.views.

  • New module lino_xl.lib.excerpts.roles which defines the new roles ExcerptsUser and ExcerptsStaff because simple users in Lino Care never print excerpts and don’t want to see a menu command “My excerpts”. Because this functionality had been covered by OfficeUser and OfficeStaff so far, I had to adapt the roles definitions in noi, cosi, presto, voga, welfare

Here is a list of the commits:

Another series of minor changes: