Saturday, December 31, 2016

I continued on #1307.

New attribute lino.modlib.users.Plugin.online_registration.

I removed the anonymous_user_type attribute of whose need was quite obscure. The new rule is that on a site without user_types_module the profile of AnonymousUser is None and “everything is permitted”.

I removed an unused module named choicelists in lino_xl.lib.polls.

About the SendWelcomeMail action. Until recently this action had no dialog window at all. Clicking on the button simply sent an email without any confirmation. This was suboptimal. Now it has a parameter window which asks for the email address and the subject (and which is a confirmation dialog).

I tried to also put the body of the welcome mail into that window, but (1) Lino does not yet correctly fill the default value into rich text fields of an action dialog: HTML markup gets escaped, which is not what we would want here, and (2) I realized that this would be a quite useless thing because system administrators won’t start to write welcome messages. The only reason for having a dialog window instead of a simple Yes/No confirmation is that they can give their own email address in order to test whether the mail works well.


  • Put useful content into the users/welcome_email.html template.

  • The VerifyUser action doesn’t yet work.

  • When there is an “Actions” column, then all row actions should be there. Currently we have send_welcome_mail in the actions column but change_password and verify in the toolbar…

A mysterious problem

Grigory reported #1323 on his machine. I tried to reproduce it on my machine, without success.

I created a new virgin virtual environment and activated it. Then I ran the following script:


set -e  # exit on error

pip install -e atelier
pip install -e lino
pip install -e xl
pip install -e noi
pip install -e cosi
pip install -e presto
pip install -e welfare
pip install -e voga
pip install -e book

Then I ran the complete test suite of Lino Welfare:

$ go welfare
$ inv prep test

No error. So I am still unable to reproduce the problem.

I tried to add the following line to the requirements.txt file (as in book… I don’t remember why it is there)

-e git+

A last possibility is that some system package needs to be installed. Some package which would be installed on my machine and not on the travis machine.

The explanation is difficult to find because the error messages (Failed to save SiteConfig #1 ('Site-Parameter') and the ValidationError traceback) are only consequences of some earlier problem.

I leave this open and hope for new ideas next year.