Monday, January 9, 2017

I merged Hamza’s PR (Fix editing time field from the GridPanel) for #1342. And (at 08:24) another PR for #1337.

I continued the final sprint for the next release at Oikos.

  • The word “reporter” is going to vanish from Lino Noi because its meaning is not clear. The fact that one user “reports” a ticket in behalf of another user is now expressed by filling the field end_user (#1360). This change caused en passant some optimizations of the demo data. E.g. the system admins (Robin, Rolf, Romain) no longer do actual work. Or Dora (in Lino Care) is an offline user managed by Eric who writes her ticket in behalf of her.

  • The lino_noi.lib.faculties plugin no longer needs lino_xl.lib.topics. I completely removed the “topic” of a faculty because this whole idea of linking them was probably bullshit. (#1361)

  • The author, the watchers and the raters. I (hopefully) fixed some subtle issues which I summarize as #1364. I added a unique_together clause on lino_noi.lib.votes.Vote.

I adapted the test suites, checked in (f7715a9) and sent a mail to the users (#1315).