Tuesday, January 10, 2017

As we start to use the py memo command, we hit some more edge cases. I received an ImportError “No module named  lino”.

I fixed

  • the error handling when a non-existing Python object is specified. In that case it’s not the system admin who should get notified, so this must not be considered a real error.

  • the HTML editor can insert non-breaking spaces at random positions. These were not well swallowed by the memo parser.

I think that the handling of non-breaking spaces should rather happen at the parser level, not in every command. So I did this in lino.modlib.memo.parser.

>>> from lino import startup
>>> startup('lino_noi.projects.team.settings.demo')
>>> from lino.api.doctest import *
>>> ses = rt.login('robin')
>>> print(ses.parse_memo(u"[py\u00A0lino]."))
<a href="https://gitlab.com/lino-framework/lino/blob/master/lino/__init__.py" target="_blank">lino</a>.
>>> print(ses.parse_memo(u"[url\u00A0http://example.com]."))
<a href="http://example.com" target="_blank">http://example.com</a>.

Side effect: non-breaking, leading and trailing spaces are now always removed from command text:

>>> print(ses.parse_memo(u"[py lino My\u00A0favourite\u00A0framework]."))
<a href="https://gitlab.com/lino-framework/lino/blob/master/lino/__init__.py" target="_blank">My favourite framework</a>.
>>> print(ses.parse_memo("[url http://example.com Trailing space  ]."))
<a href="http://example.com" target="_blank">Trailing space</a>.
>>> print(ses.parse_memo("[url http://example.com   Leading space]."))
<a href="http://example.com" target="_blank">Leading space</a>.

A quick update

I did a “quick” update to our ticket database. Actually it was not that quick, I had to migrate the remove of topics from faculties and the new end_user field and the removal of reporter. I also ran the following manual routine:

from lino.api.shell import *
for t in tickets.Ticket.objects.filter(user__isnull=True):
    t.user = t.reporter

I start to realize that I should always announce production upgrades one day before and invite the core developers to watch.