Thursday, January 12, 2017

Yet another series of chaotic (intuitive) changes for #1359.

I realized that it is not (easily) possible to render workflow actions for both the vote and the ticket in the same table.

And I realized that single column tables with multi-line text cells are not efficient for a desktop application.

And I decided that the body notification messages now uses memo markup for linking to tickets. This markup is then rendered differently depending on where it is being rendered. In the dashboard, it links to:

while in an email it links to:

In the evening we had a first work session with three participants: Hamza Khchine, Tonis Piip and I. I shared my screen, showed them what I had been doing during the day, then made a deploy of these changes to Here is a list of the commits we made together (and without caring for running the test suite each time):