Wednesday, January 11, 2017¶

I did a release in CPAS de Ch√Ętelet and worked on #1317, #1318 and #1301.

I am in an observation phase: should I abandon this blog and write everything as comments and sessions into our ticket management instead?

I continued optimizing the tickets and votes workflow (#1359).

New tables MyVotes and MyWatched.

I extended the votable_overview field which now uses get_overview_elems.

I added a new class attribute filter_ticket_states on Votes. This is used by the MyTasks and MyOffers tables.

An internal optimization: until today the workflow_state_field of a Model was always a string with the name of a field. Now this name is being resolved during startup and converted into a field.

lino.core.model.Model.do_setup() lino.core.plugin.on_site_startup()