Monday, February 13, 2017

I did #1290 : new table (and a menu command and dashboard item pointing to it). The most time-consuming here was that I also changed the demo appointments generated by so that we have some data to see in the new table.

James asked a question ImportError: No module names atelier.fablib with Lino Developer Blog on StackOverflow, and there was no possible excuse: I had to acknowledge that I am guilty. Actually it is even worse: he asked this question already on Friday, and I found only now the time to have a look at it… But now I finally updated the dblog project. I also reviewed Start your own developer blog.

Monique explained me that a Secretary should have permission to reopen and change a bank statement or invoice which has been entered by Monique. But of course we do not want a Secretary to access system configuration. So I added a new user role VoucherSupervisor. #1485.

Roger asked for #1486. This is telepathy :-) I did that last week for Lino Avanti, and now they want it in Lino Voga as well. Actually is not real telepathy because Roger and I had been talking about this possibility a long time ago. But it is a funny coincidence that Roger just now asked for it after months of silence.

Valentin started to install Lino Welfare. I reviewed and updated the installation instructions at welfare.install (page has been removed 2018-10-31).