Wednesday, October 31, 2018

I checked in my yesterday’s work for documenting the lino_xl.lib.b2c plugin.

At 8:23 the tests were passing again and I checked in all repos before doing more changes.

Move welfare specs from welfare to book

I then did a fundamental change: I moved the docs/specs from welfare to docs/specs/welfare in book. #2622

And of course I also moved the demo projects from welfare to book÷ lino_welfare.projects.eupen becomes lino_book.projects.gerd (and lino_welfare.projects.chatelet becomes lino_book.projects.mathieu), and the modlibs of these projects are now in lino_welfare.eupen and lino_welfare.chatelet.

This turned out to be a historic step for Lino: This is what I have been looking for during the last years! I finally understood how I will manage to provide readable specifications for all Lino applications. The missing pieces were:

  • Specs must be understandable by non-programmers. Also for application developers they provide an important introduction into what a given plugin does. More about specs in About developer documentation.

  • As long as Lino applications are being maintained by one team, we must not separate them into different doctrees because it is important that the spec page for the contacts plugin in welfare can link to the general contacts spec. And that a general spec like courses can link to its specializations.

  • The specs are going to be what Annabell and Olivier want us to provide as part of their maintenance contract.

  • I still need to convince them to accept the specs in English. They want it in German, but at least in 2019 it would be utopic to have the specs translated since it is going to evolve much during the next months. We should provide documentation in German about how to use the specs.

The lino_xl.lib.statbel.countries plugin