Monday, February 27, 2017

Yesterday I moved almost all plugins from lino_cosi.lib to lino_xl.lib, now I opened #1529 because this is of course not a trivial change.

But where to write documentation and functional specs about accounting stuff? Until now they were in Lino Così, but all these plugins are now part of Lino Extensions Library, so they should be documented and tested in The Lino Book.

Answer : yes, I will merge documentation from cosi into book. Because it is impossible to explain Lino without examples, and the Lino Book is the place where such examples should be, and because it sounds difficult to explain Lino without talking about accounting stuff. And it is unefficient to have accounting examples spread over different repositories.

So I moved the following documents to Developer Reference:

accounting contacts finan invoicing ledger sales tim2lino

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