Monday, March 20, 2017

Fix two regressions for Welfare

I fixed #1599. Nebenwirkung : Empfang hat jetzt auch einen Menübefehl “Meine Begleitungen” sowie Konfigurierung Klientenkontaktarten und Beendigungsgründe. Darf das bleiben? Oder muss das wieder weg? (Dazu müsste ich eine neue Rolle CoachingsOperator machen. Oder OfficeOperator als manager_roles_required hinzufügen und CoachingsStaff für ReceptionClerk wieder rausholen.) cal.Event hatte als manager_roles_required nur OfficeStaff, jetzt (OfficeStaff, OfficeOperator).

Reading this blog as a newsfeed

I published this blog (with only the first section) at 0:41 a first time. Then started RssDemon on my mobile and read it there. Then wrote this paragraph, changed the time to 0:45 and published again.

I then hit “Refresh” in RssDemon to see whether it would notice the updated post. No, it doesn’t. I guess that’s because the RSS protocol was not designed to to handle such situations.

A possible workaround might be to switch from RSS to Atom. My blog currently uses sphinxfeed for creating the rss.xml file. Needs more investigation. Not very urgent.

Inviting others to vote

I started #1601. But before doing this, I will do #1603 (Move the Noi plugins to XL). Because #1601 is going to cause new translatable messages.

Move the Noi plugins to XL

I did #1603 (Move the Noi plugins to XL).

That is, “lino_noi.lib.x” becomes “lino_xl.lib.x” for each x in deploy, clocking, faculties, tickets and votes

Mostly routine work. The biggest challenge was the following:

book/docs/api/ WARNING:
undefined label:
(if the link has no caption the label must precede a section header)

The problem here is how to organize documentation.

How to organize documentation

The docstring of the plugin cannot, for itself, contain very concrete usage documentation because that depends on where the plugin is being used. Any plugin might get extended. The plugin developer does not know it. It is the application who should explain why and how it uses a given plugin. So the plugin docstring can at most refer to such documentation using an external link.

But here we are in a special situation where we do have actually one pilot application which has a kind of privilege and duty of documenting the plugin.

Technically Lino Noi is a separate project and should remain separated because if somebody wants to fork it, they probably might not want to fork the plugin as well.

Now imagine this fork is maintained by somebody who does not participate in Lino and uses other development and documentation methods. And imagine that the fork becomes stronger than its origin and the Lino project would decide to discontinue Lino Noi. In that case these future Lino maintainers would have to decide what to do with their plugin. Do they continue to maintain it? If meanwhile it is being used by some other pilot application (which is part of Lino), then they must change their docstring to refer to that application. Otherwise they will probably discontinue the plugin together with Noi, and that stronger external fork of Noi will take over the maintenance of the plugin.

This exaple illustrates that our pilot applications (noi, welfare, cosi, voga, avanti) have a special status. Lino also depends on them. It is a bidirectional dependency, a partnership. We cannot explain tickets without noi. We cannot explain ledger without cosi. We might do it (e.g. by creating an educational project in book or by creating another pilot application), but that’s useless as long as there is no other application than the pilot.

That’s why I currently believe that actually we should include the docs of these pilot applications (including the doctest part of their test suites!) into Book. I acted accordingly to this when I moved cosi plugins to xl.

I am a bit afraid of this trend because it will make the Book even bigger. But I see no other solution. And it seems the right direction. Another observation is that this will remove documentation from the source repositories of these applications into book. Which is actually a good thing as long as we do not yet use eggs or wheels to provide use-only packaging.

11:05 : okay, this is now checked in. There is a t least one last thing to do: move also the team demo project from lino_noi to lino_book. Currently the Book is deemed to fail on travis because it requires Noi not only to be installed but also to have done prep.


Tanel noted that “lipik” is a better translation for “ticket” than “pilet”. “Pilet” has a strong connotation of allowing access to something. Lipik is just a piece of paper.