Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I realized that we don’t need to add a “Wishes” table (#1607) because we have it already. It is named “Deployments”. I just need to convert our sprint project into milestones. The only difference is that a milestone is not a project.

New field Project.milestone, i.e. every project has an optional current milestone whose wishes (deploiyments) are to be displayed in DeploymentsByProject and DeploymentsByCompetence.

A “Deployment” is now Sequenced.

These “competences” (linking a user and a project) should be renamed to “team memberships”.

Problems after release in cpaseupen

I had 1300 messages in my inbox because lino.modlib.memo.parser.Parser.register_django_model() logged an exception and not just a warning when the memo parser’s note command finds a non existing primary key. #1608. This even caused a minute of server downtime because I made a typo when inserting a local workaround.

I tried to reproduce #1609 in lino_welfare.projects.eupen.tests.test_clients but without success. I guess that it happens only on MySQL and not on SQLite. lino.core.site.Site.history_aware_logging no longer gets automatically activated when a xfile:log directory exists.

Releases @jane

I did a series of releases to Jane for #1607. Test suites are not yet adapted.

Per customer I have one ticket “General discussion and releases” which is going to be deployed (wished) in every milestone of that customer.