Saturday, March 25, 2017

Yesterday I didn’t work because we had a family day, my gift for Iiris’ birthday. Except from 16 to 20 I where I had promised to attend to a local event.

This event was a training for village activists about teamwork. I am not a very active village activist, but Lino Vilma is meant to be used by such people. So I could not avoid to promise them that today I will do a quick demonstration of Lino Noi for the Lino Vilma project.

Probably triggered by this, but based on ideas which had been there before, I had a nightly inspiration and did a series of quick changes in noi and xl:

  • deploy.Milestone now inherits from UserAuthored and DatePeriod. New table My milestones which is even a dashboard item. In Jane, Hamza and Tonis will get their milestone : For Hamza this will be “Next demo of Jane with ExtJS 6 to Luc”, for Tonis “Next demo of Jane with mailbox to Luc”.

  • Activated the calendar module. New plugin Changed from ticklets.Project to tickets.Milestone.

And then I released these changes to the vilma demo site and entered some demo data. Works like a charm!


  • the meanings and relations of sites and rooms is not yet clear.

  • release to Jane as well and start using milestones

  • adapt the test suite after these changes.