Sunday, March 26, 2017

I worked on #1628 (Courses with every_unit “once” don’t generate their events as expected) because I plan to start user trainings soon and this bug would disturb then.

  • Wrote demo data for vilma.

  • Every activity series can specify the organizer of this series. courses.Line now inherits from ContactRelated.

    TODO: check whether this disturbs for Lino Voga and Welfare. I guess that they might even be interested in this as a new feature.

  • The summary of a course is now equal to the name of the series when every_unit is once.

  • For courses whose every_unit is ‘once’, Lino no longer tries to find the next date if there are conflicting events. Rather issue a warning “Could not generate calendar event on DATE at 10:00 in ROOM”.

public calendar view

More optimizations for Vilma:

  • New field Room.description, and the detail window for rooms is back.

  • new user role CalendarReader