Monday, April 3, 2017

Yet another release to Jane and Vilma with a few optimizations: #1660 (Cannot specify an end_user), #1659 (Display ticket’s status together with summary), #1662 (Some fields are missing in SiteConfig detail layout), #1663 (Cannot mark a ticket as refused).

A less internal ticket is #1661 (Sarkastische Fehlermeldung “Herzlichen Glückwunsch”). This is because Monique told me how Gaby had been working alone with Lino for the first time, and that was unfortunately exactly when I was working on another site on that server. At some moment she received a “Congratulations, you found an error in our system.” In 500.html I changed the text “Congratulations, you found an error in our system.” to “Oops, you found an error in our system. Don’t panic, this is definitively not your fault. (…)”, including a reference to the new site attribute hoster_status_page.

This was the first time that I did two simultaneous releases.

Luc taking two tickets

Tonis and I realized that I must now work a bit on #1201 and #1556. Tonis explained me where is stopped and how to reproduce the problems he stumbled into.

For #1556 the problem is mostly how to inject a FK field (a pointer to ticket) into django_mailbox.Message. It seems that this fails because it is not a real Lino model.

And for #1201 I can reproduce the current problem as follows:

When Evolution sends the PUT to Lino, Lino seems to “freeze”. After some timeout Evolution says:

Cannot create calendar object: Unexpected HTTP status code 7 returned (Connection terminated unexpectedly) for URI: http://luc@

I plan to dive into the Radicale docs (e.g. and figure out how to integrate it into Lino. I currently believe that a fundamental question is the storage.

Deployment strategy

We discussed about our deployment workflow and decided:

Tonis creates a “stable” branch on every repository and instructs Travis to focus on stable. The master branch is our development branch. Luc continues to use master as usual.

Tonis starts to be “reponsible” for the “stable” branch of all repos and will try to get them pass on Travis.

All customers will continue to use the master branch. Except the demo sites LF which is going to use stable. And Tonis takes responibility of maintinaing these.

And when Tonis does changes in the stable branch, Luc must of course merge them. Something like this:

$ go lino
$ git status # check that i am on master branch
$ git pull
$ git merge stable

Why I stopped using GitKraken: because the community version told me that “for commercial u se, Git Pro is required”. Now my question is “Do they consider my usage as commercial? I am making money with software development. But only using free software.” I guess that