Sunday, April 9, 2017

The test suite in lino_welfare.projects.std was still failing (in the test_debts case) because lino.mixins.duplicable.Duplicate now asks for a confirmation (#1716). Testing such a dialog was rather complicated until now. But I had done it at least once, namely in the test_beid case of that same test suite. Now I generalized that code into a new utility method TestCase.check_callback_dialog.

And test_notify of the same suite was failing because Lino now checks permissions for every action request. This is a confirmation that my yesterday’s changes are into the right direction. For example Lino executed state change actions like mark_former or mark_refused without verifying whether that action was permitted.

I propagated the changes in linoweb.js to ExtJS 6 front end.


  • There is a second dialog in test_beid which can be converted to check_callback_dialog(). And another one in test_notify of the same suite.