Monday, April 10, 2017

Political compass

I was just tidying up my inbox, and there was that poll Green Politics & Basic Income led by a student at the University of York (England). I participated. That led me to another website ( where I classified as Economically rather Left and Socially moderatedly Libertarian. After this I updated my Curriculum vitae.

I might be true that the questions in this compass need a review for neutrality (they seem to have been designed by a left libertarian), but still this kind of poll is basically an interesting idea. I converted the first pages into a demo fixture for lino_xl.lib.polls. Which revealed two problems:

  • One problem (#1719) is that polls cannot currently specify whether a question is optional or mandatory.

  • Another problem #1720 is that Lino currently would not be able to compute a “score” because this would require us to define how every answer influences the score. Note that there might be more than one “scores” per poll. For the political compass they have two scores: (1) “Economic” varies between “Left” and “Right” and (2) “Social” which varies between “Libertarian” and “Authoritarian”.

Reactivating desktop notifications

Hamza worked on #1331. I merged his PR into master.

Avanti continued


  • Doppelklick auf Johanna –> [Wed Apr 05 14:30:21.939103 2017] [wsgi:error] [pid 18600:tid 140141732259584] UnicodeDecodeError: ‘ascii’ codec can’t decode byte 0xc3 in position 25:

    #1709. This was caused by a missing “from builtins import :str” in Fixed.

  • Klientenstatus “Neuantrag” kann wirklich raus.

  • Explorer : cf_level_de : “A2”, nicht “Elementare Sprachverwendung”

  • StudiesByPerson und ExperiencesByPerson : Beginndatum und Enddatum unsichtbar. Bemerkungen sichtbar. Neues Feld “Dauer”.

  • Klienten column_names + “*”

  • Umfragen (polls) aktivieren.

  • #1721 Klienten filtern können nach “Kursbedarf” : wer mindestens eine Anfrage in einem Kurs dieser Serie hat. Feld needed_course kann wahrscheinlich dann raus.

  • #1701 Feld “In Belgien seit” sollte auch IncompleteDate sein

  • Kartennummer kann weg


  • Mit Johanna testen : Kandidatenlisten für Kursanbieter. Erstgespräche.

  • (à confirmer) Partnernummer wieder in die Excel-Daten rein, damit man keine Verknüpfung zwischen Klienten und Einschreibungen machen kann. Stattdessen darf Janina im Kurs nur die Namen ohne Nummer sehen.

Duplicate tickets

Imagine 4 tickets A (oldest), B, C and D

Imagine that D is the most general description of the problem.

With our current pointer duplicate_of we can for example have this dependency tree:

A -> B -> D
C -> D

   / \
  B   C

We can not have e.g. something like this:

 / \
B   C
 \ /

If duplicate_of changes to a LinkType, then we could have it. But the question is: do we want it? My current opinion is: no, we don’t want it. But I am open to suggestions.

About calendars

Notes about #1722.

The HITSA calendar shows activities while the Raplamaa calender shows simple calendar entries.

The current start_date is actually the date of the first automatic calendar entry to generate. We should maybe add a field overall_start_date or activity_start_date which differs from the current start_date. Actually we already have such a field, it is called enrolments_until. Maybe we might simply rename this field to “Deadline” and make it the primary sort criteria. At least MyActivities and Activities should be sorted by this field and not by start_date.

Another need in Lino Vilma might be to store “external” events. User see these as simple calendar entries. And then we don’t want the overkill of creating an activity line and an activity for it. But we do want to store the responsible organization and a contact person. For the moment we can create a room for each case. But that’s not enough. It seems that (for Vilma, not for Jane) we want a calendar entry to inherit from ContactRelated. I am a bit afraid of this step… to be observed when users start recording real external events.