Thursday, April 13, 2017

Nightly ideas (#1760 and #1761)

It is 2 oclock in the morning. Today I will have two hangouts with customers (coming@cpaschatelet and coming@avanti). This inspired me to a few ideas. I wrote them down to a paper, but still could not sleep again. So I implemented two of them.


  • #1761 (Defer a wish to another milestone) : We should add a new field Deployment.deferred_to (a FK pointing to milestone_model). If that field is nonempty, Lino should automatically check whether Deployment.ticket also has a wish in the specified milestone. And of course it must not be the same as Deployment.course. If there is no wish in the other activity, then Lino should create one with the same wish_type.

  • #1762 (Show assigned voters in ticket overview) : Lino now also specifies the assigned voter(s) of a ticket in its overview field. I tried adding two new virtual diplay fields assigned_voters and candidate_voters on a ticket but was not satisfied.


  • We can deprecate boards because this is covered by lists. A board is nothing else than a partner list.

  • Write a summary panel for TicketsReportedByMilestone

  • Yes, we do need multiple topics per ticket. And remove the field Ticket.topic.

I realized that actually I was starting to misuse the meetings concept for doing what is already done by the votes workflow (but obviously not well enough). I also realized that I didn’t yet use the “My vote invitations” table in Jane.

Release to Jane

Now I have done above two ideas, including the test suites. And it would be so cool to have them tomorrow on the field when I am talking with the customers!

But I just assigned Tonis to be the responsible maintainer for Jane. As a good team leader I should feel committed to what I declared and not deploy these changes now myself!

Despite these thoughts I did it once more as usual: myself and without any branch directly using master. Because it would be so frustrating for me to wait, and because it is half past 3 in the morning and Tonis probably sleeping, so I cannot ask his permission, and because exceptions confirm the rule…

Oho, what’s this:

$ go jane
$ ./
rm: remove write-protected regular file './lino/modlib/notify/routing.pyc'?

It seems that Hamza hasn’t a correct umask:

$ ll ./lino/modlib/notify/routing.pyc
-rw-r----- 1 hamza www-data 656 Apr 11 21:27 ./lino/modlib/notify/routing.pyc

$ sudo su -l hamza
hamza@ovh2:~$ umask

Yes, indeed, the global umask on SR was not correctly set. Now it is:

$ sudo nano /etc/bash.bashrc

Otherwise the deployment was a routine one. Jane is working as usually, and during the meeting with Mathieu and Janina I will be able to defer wishes from one milestone to the next one. Now I am happy again and can go to bed and sleep a few hours.

Invalid result of url memo command

Today I wrote the following (into a comment for #1715):

See [url].

This link didn’t get rendered correctly by the memo parser because the HTML editor inserted a non-breaking space after the “[url”. The easiest solution is probably to tell memo parser to correctly handle this case. I vaguely remember that I did this some months ago, but it seems that it failed. This is #1764.

Skype avec Mathieu et Aurélie


  • Lino Avanti fait le parcours d’intégration pour les étrangers. En Wallonie ce sont les CRI (centre régional d’insertion) qui font ce travail.

  • Je devrais écrire à l’occasion une description de poste vacant “mainteneur Lino Welfare” pour la Wallonie. Deployment management.


  • Quand U1 crée un “prompt event” pour un bénéficiaire chez un asistant U2 (afin de le mettre en file d’attente), alors U2 ne recoit pas de notification. De meme quand U1 crée un rdv pour un autre utilisateur U2, alors U2 ne recoit pas de notification.

    –> #1765 (Calendar entries are now ChangeObservable)


  • Mes RDV à confirmer n’apparait pas pour Richard E.

  • Dans “Mes rdv dépassés” il faut pouvour dire à Lino dans Site parameters d’ignorer tous ce qui est avant une certaine date.

  • Kathy (#2487) a bien été présente le 31 mars 2017 (séance d’info) Course id 150 calendar entry 34637, mais Lino ne l’affiche pas dans le champ FSE en question. probablement parce que sa présence est à l’état “Quitté” au lieu de “Présent”. Mais on avait déjà dit que “Quitté” équivaut à “Présent” pour les statistiques FSE

  • 1226 - Permission de modifier le participant d’un atelier : Toujours d’actualité avec le profil 120. Pour l’instant tout le monde est en profil “administrateur” car ca ne va pas autrement.

  • Activer “duration_text” pour les trois tables dans l’onglet “Parcours”

Meeting with Johanna


  • Studien : duration_text fehlt im Detail cv.Studies.detail_layout

  • Choice sets : Detail fehlt.

  • Fehlermeldung wenn AnswersByResponseRow my remark. Beispiel Libero Alberto

  • Partnernummer doch wieder raus aus Explorer. Nur Klientenliste

  • Übersetzungen “Activities”, “Polls”. Polls = Fragebogen? Response = Befragung? Auswertungsgespräch?

  • Erfassen QuestionsByPoll ist noch nicht das Wahre