Wednesday, April 12, 2017

I continued to explore #1649 which is really a tough one. I added more debug messages in the hope of getting a clue. I changed them from mysql-python to mysqlclient. No change. And then finally I got it: it seems that the mysql client does not support newstr! At least the problem disappears when I explicitly convert it to a six.text_type() before. IOW this problem is yet another one caused by the future package! I created #1751.

Hamza worked on #1331, so I tried to activate it on cpaseupen: Installed redis and channels, did pip install -U channels followed by pip install ‘Django==1.9.12’, set their to True. But my browser continues to not ask me whether their site may send desktop notifications… so I deactivated it again. But it seems that they will get it soon!