Sunday, April 30, 2017ΒΆ

Some optimizations for Lino Vilma (#1800):

  • Comments by person and by organisation

  • Have Company inherit from Hierarchical and manage nested lists using CompaniesByCompany

  • filter parameters for person: company, skill

  • added more demo data in lino_book.projects.liina

As a side effect of #1800 I removed the commentable_model plugin attribute which is now useless. I also made Comment now inherit from lino.modlib.comments.mixins.Controllable.

And yet another experimental new feature is that I added the lino_xl.lib.addresses plugin. But note that Lino Vilma uses it only for persons (not for companies and partners in general as Lino Welfare does). This required a few API optimizations in lino_xl.lib.addresses.

There are some tests failing after these changes:

Exception: partner_model is not an AddressOwner

I plan to fix these tomorrow.