Monday, May 1, 2017

I continued to optimize Lino Vilma (#1800).

The Python doctest module (and also atelier.doctest_utf8) have a magic behaviour: when testing a file whose name ends with .py, the file gets loaded completely differently (it gets imported as a Python module, and the global namespace is added to the test namespace). I tried to deactivate this magic behaviour because it disturbs e.g. when testing lino.utils.ssin. But that would problably cause lots of code changes. I will rather go the prosa documentation way. (#1869)

The default value for the lino_xl.lib.addresses.partner_model attribute is currently still the old hard-coded value 'contacts.Partner', and the model currently does not need to be a subclass of lino_xl.lib.addresses.mixins.AddressOwner. That’s because there are a few places where it would fail otherwise.

Workflow and user roles for votes were not yet reactivated.

I removed the language field from the insert layouts in lino_xl.lib.contacts. And for Person I added the email field.