Friday, October 6, 2017

Difference in Service Report

I fixed #2098. I added a new field This confirms that some day we will completely remove “tickets.Projects” (currently called “Missions”) from Lino Noi. The only difference between project and site is that a site is not Hierarchical. And after having removed the projects, we will probably rename “site” to “project”. We go that detour because this direction wasn’t visible when we started to move.

New feature : lino.core.choicelists.ChoiceList.field() now returns a DummyField when the plugin is not installed. Used for ReportingTypes

Deploy to Jane, including a snapshot/restore.

Optimizations for Lino Tera

For #2099 I added a new trade type “Bank payment orders” (internal name TradeTypes.bank_po).

The field Journal.partner wasn’t yet visible in JournalDetail.

Sorting order of lino_xl.lib.ana.InvoicesByJournal was wrong.

Deploy to SPZ Eupen. I had to do a database migration because new trade type had added a field bank_po_allowed.

That was because in the module of lino_xl.lib.ledger we currently do:

for tt in TradeTypes.objects():
        'accounts.Account', + '_allowed',
        models.BooleanField(verbose_name=tt.text, default=False))

It is used for limiting the choices for the account field during manual entry of an invoice. Actually this isn’t a good approach since that field is absolutely useless. To prepare some other approach in the future, I added a new method TradeType.get_allowed_accounts(). We already had a method Journal.get_allowed_accounts().


The of Lino Vilma contained some useless entries which caused warning messages during inv test:

no previously-included directories found matching '.build'