Monday, October 9, 2017

Today I committed a first working solution for #2101 (CommonAccounts). This is actually another part of the avalanche which started on Friday. New concept of lino_xl.lib.accounts.choicelists.CommonAccounts replaces and extends what I used to call AccountTypes. Also all the names in lino_xl.lib.accounts.accounts.constants are no longer used. Documentation is not yet ready. Welfare test suite still failing.

I also had a hangout with Johanna and worked for #2102 (Optimierungen Avanti) : code changes and release.

Note that if you define a lino.core.choicelist.ChoiceList.default_value on a ChoiceList, this will be used as default value of both database fields and table parameter fields.

You can remove that “default default value” for all tables by specifying default=’’. For example (excerpt from lino_avanti.lib.avanti):

from lino_xl.lib.coachings.choicelists import ClientStates
ClientStates.default_value = 'coached'

parameters = ObservedDateRange(
    client_state=ClientStates.field(blank=True, default=''))

Note that the default values of parameter fields of a table which is used as the models default table will apply for the choices of pointers to that model. Concrete use case is the choicelist of cal.Guest.partner in avanti which should show only coached clients. So instead of above code we actually now do:

class MyClients(My, Clients):
    def param_defaults(self, ar, **kw):
        kw = super(MyClients, self).param_defaults(ar, **kw)
        return kw