Thursday, October 26, 2017

Running linkcheck on the Lino Book

I opened #2128, a task for newbies:

$ go book
$ sphinx-build -b linkcheck docs docs/.build

Then edit the file docs/.build/output.txt and fix all errors. But before you begin to work on this, speak with one of the team and make sure that you cah check in your work.

Login via Google+

I continued on #1275. I can now choose my account, but something goes wrong afterwards.

  • The browser sends a GET to with these parameters:

    response_type:token id_token
    scope:openid profile email

    It receives a valid response:

    access_token: "ya29....GrjA"
    expires_in: 3600
    id_token : "ey...Talg"
    login_hint: "..."
    scope: " openid email profile"
    session_state: {extraQueryParams: {authuser: "0"}}
    token_type: "Bearer"
  • Then the browser sends a POST to http://localhost:8000/complete/google-plus/ which receives an 403 error:

    HTTPError: 403 Client Error:
    Forbidden for url: