Friday, October 27, 2017

Rename lino_startup to something else

While triaging tickets I created #2131 (Rename lino_startup to something else) and then “just did it”: I renamed the lino.modlib.lino_startup plugin to just lino. It’s the kind of things nobody would ever do, except me. I guess.

In the beginning this plugin contained a hack for implementing a kind of startup signal which caused to be called automatically when Django starts up. It was called lino.modlib.lino. At some moment (Django 1.7 or so) this caused a “name is already used” exception. That’s why it was called lino.modlib.lino_startup. After Django 1.8 or so it became merely:

All these things are still there, but I moved them to the root, i.e. the full plugin name is now lino. I have the feeling that this makes things much more straightforward.

To be observed: In lino.core.urls we had this:

# we must explicitly call django.setup() because when running under
# mod_wsgi this is not done automatically as with runserver (or at
# least it seems so)

I removed that call to site_startup(). We will see whether the comment was true or not. This is maybe related to our #1173.


I removed lino.modlib.database_ready plugin and the database_ready signal because they were not used.

I worked in the Developer Guide.