Thursday, November 16, 2017

About intellectual freedom

I read this article in German. It is getting more and more evident that humanity needs to choose whether we want intellectual freedom or not. If we want our children and their children to remain capable of governing this planet, then we need to fight for intellectual freedom. The public domain is the knowledge owned by us all, it is the fruit of the intellectual work of many individuals. We need to understand that the public domain is an unalienable huge treasure owned by humanity, that this treasure is more and more being monopolized and abused by rich individuals and groups thereof. We need to understand that copyright needs fundamental revision in a world where intellectual work can be re-published and transformed without technical limitation. We need to understand that knowledge which has been published cannot be private property any more…

Oops, sorry, this was very intuitive. Yes, I shouldn’t waste my time writing about these topics because nobody takes me for serious (and because nobody will ever pay me for it).