Friday, November 17, 2017

I deployed Lino Amici to a production site.

lino_xl.lib.addresses.AddressOwnerChecker failed because there were address rows for partners that are not a person (which is no longer supported in Lino Amici).

New ticket #2148 (Cannot insert person with nonempty email in Amici) This was caused by lino_xl.lib.phones. When inserting a person with a non-empty email field, Lino Amici failed because it tried to save the ContactDetail row before the Person row had been saved. It says ValueError: save() prohibited to prevent data loss due to unsaved related object 'partner'.

Instead of defining FOO_changed methods for every field, we now define a after_ui_save method on ContactDetailsOwner.

I created a test case lino_amici.projects.herman.test_insert_person which reproduces the problem.

Note that we don’t import ContactDetailTypes to the global namespace of lino_xl.lib.phones.mixins because we want that module to be importable from applications which do not have phones installed.

Lino Tera continued

I continued to work for Lino Tera on #2137 after meeting with Daniel on Saturday, November 4, 2017.


  • “Kurse” –> “Therapien”, “Kursleiter” -> “Therapeut”, “Klient” –> “Patient”.

  • PersonDetail : add GuestsByPerson and EnrolmentsByPerson, remove NotesByPerson.

  • ClientDetail : add GuestsByClient, remove CoursesByClient.

  • “Themen” (“Topics”) are implemented using lino_xl.lib.lists (not lino_xl.lib.faculties).

  • Notizen und Themen sind jetzt vertraulich (d.h. nur sichtbar für Benutzer mit Rolle ClientsUser)

  • Notizen sind unabhängig von Terminen (Termine sind nicht vertraulich)


  • Notizen und Themen müssen importiert werden aus TIM. Themen sind pro Familie und pro Klient, Notizen nur pro Klient.

  • MTI Navigator can be irritating. Possibility to hide certain links & conversions. e.g. Person -> Houshold, Person -> Partner should be hidden for normal users.


  • Termin erstellen von Therapie aus : testen. Konfigurierung?

  • Hide Course.client pointer?

  • humanlinks & households raus?

  • Automatische ZDSS-Anfrage Krankenkasse?

  • Multiple phone numbers?