Monday, January 15, 2018

I continued to work in lino_book.projects.adg for #2256.

The final_report.body.html excerpt action on lino_avanti.lib.avanti.Client didn’t want to show up as expected. That was because it was “hidden” by the TermsConditions.odt defined on lino_xl.lib.contacts.Person. That was because the lino_xl.lib.excerpts.set_excerpts_actions method didn’t yet support models which have MTI children.

Lino and Google’s People API

Hamza and I invested another hour playing with the script. Here this describes a problem which we also had and we didn’t resolve. fails when we run it more than one hour after having authenticated via the web interface. On my machine it said TypeError: expected string or buffer. On Hamza’s machine it was something else. It seems that PSA uses some trick for refreshing an expired token.

But here I said “Stop” because actually we don’t even know whether this is a problem for us, because we have no concrete use case. We decided to put this ticket to sleep now until there is somebody (other than me) who wants it. The script in shows what we learned. The question now is: what do we want to do with that information. And the answer depends on the customer…

Hamza will now concentrate on getting the test suites to pass on Python 3 (#36).