Saturday, February 3, 2018

I realized that #2295 is still there and that my yesterday’s changes didn’t fix the problem at all. Now I did another series of subtle changes in atelier.sphinxconf.interproject and even atelier.projects. The idea is that the objects.inv needed for intersphinx links can be either on the local file system or via internet using intersphinx_urls. If I have installed a Lino SDK, then I don’t need no internet connection to build all docs. On Travis where we have no full SDK installed so there we need an Internet connection.

L’instance Event Type avec 1 dans id n’existe pas

We have a failure on Tavis in Lino Welfare under Python 2 : Job 398.1. It says {'system_note_type': [u"L'instance Event Type avec 1 dans id n'existe pas."]}.

The same test passes on my machine:

$ go eupen
$ dm test tests.test_broken_gfks

Maybe the is not cleared correctly between two tests? I added a print print(“20180203 Gonna clear_site_config”) to the testcase_setup handler in lino.modlib.system. This does not seem to be the reason. Hm…