Monday, April 30, 2018

When I wrote yesterday that “I fixed it!”, it was actually fixed “in my mind” but not yet in reality. I needed two several versions of Atelier before it was visible to the world.

Motivated by this action, I continued also today to work for getting the test suites to pass on Travis. (There’s is much to do outside as well, and it suited me to work in chunks: do some fix, let Travis run the tests while I was outside, then come back and see the results and do some more fixes.

I removed the ‘Sphinx<1.7.1’ requirement for Atelier, and it still caused that failure during inv bd in The lino-book package which made me add the requirement:

SphinxWarning: .../lino/lino/core/ of block expected; none found.

It took me some time to find the explanation: I had docstrings of type:

Blabla bla.
Usage example::

  site_config_defaults = dict(default_build_method='appypdf')


And autosummary includes only the first paragraph of every docstring into its summary table. It’s indeed a syntax error when you announce a literal block which isn’t there. And Sphinx has obviously become better in finding this error.

I also fixed more failures in Python 3 environment and, believe it or not: the Lino Book test suite now passes on Travis in both Pythons! A historic day!

And then I attacked #2296, yet another mysterious failure in Lino Welfare. Happens only on Travis, not on my machine. It had to do with SITE.site_config <, our cached copy of SiteConfig.