Sunday, August 19, 2018ΒΆ

This week-end I was on Vormsi island where I met Jean-Luc Thomas, a professional flute player and traveller. We talked about how similar our work is. Jean-Luc noted that the fingers of a programmer on a keyboard move in quite a similar way as those of a flute player. A musician trains parts of his body to use some music instrument as a tool in order to cause some moments of happiness to the listeners. An application programmer uses software tools in order to help people doing their work in a better or more efficient way, causing movements of happiness similar to those experiencend by people when they listen to music. Developing application software maybe depends less on physical skills, but otherwise both arts are very similar.

In my amateur video you can see Jean-Luc Thomas on Vormsi island, improvising with Cathy Sommer and other talharpa players from Estonia and Finland.