Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Lino soon installable via pip

Hamza got :ticket:`` almost done. I assigned

Ubuntu 18.08

Yesterday I finally upgraded Ubuntu from 16.04 to 18.04 on my notebook. #2540.

Using Gnome Ubuntu Desktop:

  • It says “Wed 17:17” in the top panel. I’d prefer it to be “Wed 2018-08-22 17:17”. Changing the format of that clock is not trivial, it requires manual installation of a datetime-format, and then I could run gnome-tweaks. (See also

  • How can I add a new icon in that launcher bar on the left side? Find it using the launcher and then right click and select “Add to favourites”

  • And oops, Alt+SPACE, x had always and everywhere been my shortcut for maximizing a window, and Alt+SPACE, n for minimizing it. But now it’s gone!

Xubuntu (xfce desktop)

Lessons about project management from OpenStack

In his blog post Planting Acorns, Doug Hellmann writes about “how the governance of an open source project impacts the health of the project” and formulates “some lessons we learned in building the OpenStack community that can be applied to other projects”. He gives 9 rules of thumb:

  1. Think Long term

  2. Organize Around People

  3. Document Your Culture

  4. Build Consensus

  5. Set Common Goals

  6. Create Decision Making Processes

  7. Enable Others

  8. Embrace Economic Reality

  9. Create New Leaders

Interesting. Will influence the Lino project.