Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Lino test suites again passing for Python 2

Uff, #2592 seems finally done. I waited patiently until the test suite for book was passing, but still required a second checkin because Travis signaled that inv bd failed. Yes of course: building the docs is an integral part of the test!

I deployed to Jane just to have it tested on the field. This change will be in the production release for Lino Avanti on Thursday evening.

On Thursday afternoon we plan the big production release for ÖSHZ Eupen. After the failed attempt on Friday, September 21, 2018 this is now the first release using the new “Safe” mode: I will not pull any new version to the source code, just run initdb_from_testing a last time and then switch the testing environment to production.

A typical problem on Jane is that I must restart the Apache before running dump2py because otherwise my process gets killed:

$ python dump2py -o t
Writing /usr/local/python/lino_sites/jane/t/
Killed#####################      ] 49/59 - 00:00:05

Note that another possibility in such cases is to specify another -m –max-row-count (Maximum number of rows per file).

More changes in Lino Tera

I continued to work on #2579. Updated Lino Tera die Nächste.

The team field is now no longer per Partner and Journal but per Course.

Some subtle changes also in


My first deployment in a non-master branch

This time I tried to not bother Hamza with my work. So I now work in a branch. First I created the new branch:

$ git checkout -b devel

Then I must publish my branch:

$ git push -u origin devel

Then, on the customer’s site:

$ git checkout devel

I did this in xl, book and tera. Later I noticed that my changes also cause welfare