Tuesday, November 13, 2018

I continued the work I started on Saturday ticket #2651 (Invoicing in Lino Tera).

Yes, neither presences nor calendar entries (cal.Guest or cal.Event) are lino_xl.lib.invoicing.Invoiceable, but enrolment (lino_tera.lib.courses.Enrolment). Because not every presence is invoiceable, and only the enrolment (and its dossier) can decide this. There are dossiers for whom they invoice a maximum number of presences per month, if they come more often then it’s free. For family therapies they don’t invoice per presence but per calendar entry.

So I generalized the invoicing logic we had in Lino Voga.

How to mark notifications as seen

I opened #2664 and updated notify: Notification framework.

Apps aren’t loaded yet

I opened #2665 because with my uncommited changes, inv bd in the book fails when autodoc tries to import lino_care.lib.tickets.workflows.