Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Lino Così for Rumma & Ko

I released version 19.2.0 (released 2019-02-12) of Lino Così. Before actually finishing this task, I had a few “triggered” tasks:

  • A little optimization in Atelier (renamed notag to nobranch).

  • I saw that Hamza has added a button “Close and save window” (#2816) but forgot to write a change note.

  • I committed some changes in Developer Guide for repairing the test suite.

Also after the release I continued to repair the book test suite after my changes for #2834. I translated “library volume” to “Dateibibliothek” (de) and “Librairie de fichiers” (fr).

Lino Presto continues

I continued working for #2776. Started the German user guide with release notes: Presto 19.2.0