Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Standup meetings

On Sunday I wrote the following mail to Tonis and Hamza:

Let’s try to get used in having short voice meetings several times per week. I suggest the following times (in Estonian time zone):

Monday 10:00
Wednesday 10:00
Friday 10:00

Please let us know if you cannot join or would like to change a time.

A general topic on each meeting are the Three Questions. Our current “sprints”:

  • React frontend

  • ExtJS optimizations

  • measure and increase coverage

  • use Jane/Hobbit for chatting

  • SOS (Presto)

  • Chatelet (Welfare)

  • Mads Michael (Lino Così)

Maybe we can use a fixed URL on Framatalk instead of Hangouts:

Today we had our second meeting. Seems to work well, and it seems that this might turn out a historic step for our team. A bravo to Tonis for being a constructive and efficient meeting moderator. A bravo to Hamza for his clear explanation about how #2841 could happen. Yes, mistakes do happen, and a good team is where you value mistakes as something to learn from (instead of hiding them away as something to be ashamed of). We are a good team.

Library files finished

I finally finished to adapt the book test suite after my changes for #2834 last week (Tuesday, February 12, 2019).

One test (docs/specs/export_excel.rst) is still failing with UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode characters in position 2-3: ordinal not in range(128). I vaguely remember that Hamza has been working on this as well.

I also checked in some more changes for #2776 (Lino Presto):