Thursday, March 28, 2019

I found some time to continue with Lino Presto (#2776).


  • lino_xl.lib.orders.Order.project and lino_xl.lib.orders.Order.invoice_recipient were missing in OrderDetail.

  • lino_xl.lib.orders.Order.update_all_guests caused a UNIQUE error because the workers were being suggested twice.

  • Optimized the layout of

  • When a user manually creates an event on a controller, then Lino now also calls and (if the controller is an instance of these)

  • Demo data : set event_type per room. force_guest_state

  • GuestsByEvent in Lino Presto no longer shows the workflow buttons (i.e. all calendar entry types should have force_guest_state True)

  • Invoicing now works. Wrote a new plugin lino_presto.lib.invoicing (copied from lino_tera.lib.invoicing) because they will want to create an invoice for a given order.


  • a button per order to directly create an invoice from an order (i.e. open the plan, fill it, execute it and open a detail on the generated invoice). caveats: what if an invoice already exists? What if there is more than one invoice?…

  • if a calendar entry has no duration, use a configurable default duration