Friday, March 29, 2019

Test suites

Tonis, Hamza and I had some fun with getting the test suites to pass again after several days of three committers working frantically.

After upgrading to Sphinx 2.0 the tickets_table directive is broken. I threw it away without tears.

I moved the last doctree (the german tera docs, Lino Tera Benutzerhandbuch) from the manuals repository to its due place (/dedocs in Lino Tera). And then I deleted the manuals repository on GitHub: Your repository “lino-framework/manuals” was successfully deleted.

Docs about chooser

I started #2930 (Add documentation about choosers to the dev guide) : I converted the lino_book.projects.chooser demo project and to something usable and moved the docstring of its module to Chooser examples.

Hamza, the ticket is not done. I just did the conversion so that you have a base to work with. The page is currently just a series of tested examples. The real task is to change this document into a readable and understandable introduction to the concept of choosers. That’s much more work, and I hope that you are more talented than me for this.