Saturday, April 13, 2019

Tickets waiting for feedback

I started with end-user tests for #2953. Which is a difficult task for me because there is so much to do! The first “accident” happened quickly: I started reviewing some pages of the developer’s guide, and I moved docs/dev/dumpy to docs/dev/pyfixtures.

The table is cool! This was what I needed. Notifications (instant messaging) is not a solution when you have a lot of tickets which are not really urgent but wait for feedback. Working through this list is part of triaging.

Pushed changes for Presto

I finished and checked in my work on Lino Presto (see Thursday, April 11, 2019).

The table is causing a failure in welfare ATM. I am not yet sure what required_roles this table should have. I think that I will add CalendarReader to the user roles of the welfare usertypes admin and 910. I am not sure whether a Coordinator in Avanti should see this table.

The leap year bug

Hamza fixed #2946. The fix is confirmed by a failure in welfare.specs.households: Mr Ludwig FRISCH (born 1968-06-01) was indeed 45 (not 46) years old on 2014-05-22.