Thursday, May 16, 2019

Hamza and I did some more research about how to monitor a Lino production site.

The concrete issue reported by Gerd was that for some unknown reason the libreoffice daemon was not running on their server. The reason itself is not important here (probably something trivial, a simple restart fixed the problem), but disturbing was the fact that it took us some time to understand the problem. First the end-user had to realize and report that Lino wasn’t working as usual. Then the local system admin had to understand that it was because libreoffice daemon wasn’t running. And then somebody had to restart the service.

Furthermore their libreoffice was still being started as an init.d script and not using supervisor (our recommended and documented method). With supervisor the problem would have been fixed automatically because supervisor tries to restart a service when it has exited unexpectedly. This was actually the main culprit.

Another problem is that we should get an email when some service isn’t running on some production server. And Supervisor doesn’t send any warning mails.

There is a plugin superlance which might do that, but anyway we need monit because potentially we want to also monitor processes which are not running in supervisor. For example the web server. Or the available memory and disk space.

That’s why we use monit in addition to supervisor.

How to monitor whether all supervisor processes are okay? We want a generic solution for all our production servers.

We can run sudo supervisorctl status which outputs something like:

daphne_jane                      RUNNING    pid 14224, uptime 0:20:40
libreoffice                      RUNNING    pid 14219, uptime 0:20:40
linod_jane                       RUNNING    pid 14228, uptime 0:20:40
runworker_jane                   EXITED     May 16 06:46 PM

We want monit to warn us when at least one of these process is not running.

Monit can run arbitrary commands and send a warning if their exit status is something else than expected.

Unfortunately the supervisorctl status command itself does always return with exit status 0, also when some process is not running.

So we use awk to test whether some line of the output has something else than the word RUNNING as it second field:

sudo supervisorctl status | awk '{if ( $2 != "RUNNING" ) { print $1 " is not running"; exit 1}}'  ; echo $?

We move this into a separate script because (1) we want to invoke it manually and (2) the monit config files had problems with a complex bash command line that contains itself quotes.

The final result of this session is that we wrote a script which tests this and possibly other “health checks”, and a file healthcheck.conf which tells monit to run this script and alert us when it reports a problem.

Note that the addresses of the people to alert is in the local /etc/monit/monitrc (not in healthcheck.conf.

I started a new page in the Hoster’s Guide: Monitoring a Lino production server.