Sunday, May 19, 2019ΒΆ

I upgraded the avanti production server. Hamza watched me. I plan to ask them soon whether they agree that Hamza becomes their dedicated developer.

The Python on their server is only 3.4. We should do sudo apt update before migrating to Python 3. But this fails. Has to do with the server hoster. I must ask Valentin. So we defer this part to a later time.

A manual change in the file because cal.Event.priority is now a choicelist field.

The pisa build method is being used in their database. Probably not consciously. As a quick fix I reactivated it locally in their lino.modlib.printing. Difference between a plain CachedPrintable and using Excerpts. For example cal.Entry should actually no longer inherit from TypedPrintable. Just use excerpts.

Avanti no longer uses lino_xl.lib.extensible.

Bugfix: lino_avanti.lib.avant.layouts did not correctly hide the CalendarView to teachers.

Released Avanti 19.5.0