Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Uff, I finally got some time to dive into #3010. The was not being rendered in the dashboard. And we didn’t notice it until Johanna reported it after their last release.

I fixed it for now, but my fix is not optimal. The two show_story() methods in lino.core.renderer now have an additional elif for this case. The whole concept of a “story” is still a bit vague and should be more generalized. Also the differentiation between BaseRequest and its subclasses is maybe useless.

I did not yet find out when the problem had been introduced. It seems that no test case covered it. Simply calling in a doctest worked okay. The lino.core.requests.BaseRequest.show_dashboard() method would have shown it, but it is not used often. It is used in Calendar in Lino Tera, but this user didn’t see that report. In The main page in Lino Welfare we also called it but that test was being skipped.git st

I now added a test in General overview of Lino Avanti.