Tuesday, June 4, 2019

I started internal work on the “Lino Community Guide”. Not yet published since translation doesn’t yet work (this is the main new thing with this doctree).

My nickname for the Community Guide repository is cg:

$ go cg

(What follows is obsolete. I reviewed it on Friday, June 7, 2019.)

The instructions found in the Sphinx docs are written for a new Makefile. But we don’t use the Sphinx Makefile, we just run inv bd. So I adapted the instructions as follows.

Extract translatable messages into pot files:

$ sphinx-build -M gettext docs/ docs/.build/

Create or update the German .pot files:

$ sphinx-intl update -p docs/.build/gettext -l de

Use poedit to write or update the translations:

$ poedit locales/de/LC_MESSAGES/index.po
$ poedit locales/de/LC_MESSAGES/about/index.po

Build a translated document:

$ sphinx-build -b html -D language=de docs/ docs/.build

In the html build all “standard Sphinx” texts are translated to German (“Schnellsuche”, “Weiter”, “Zurück”…), but non of my own text is translated.

I don’t plan to use Transifex since we don’t yet have external translators.

I noticed that when I set locale_dirs to ['locale/'] (not to ['locales/']) it nevertheless get a locales subdir. Seems that I must minimalize the conf.py and then ask for help.