Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Lino Presto

Margarete reported a problem which shows that the lino_xl.lib.cal.GuestsByPartner table is not exactly what they need in Lino Presto. Maybe neither in Lino Avanti. Clicking the (+) in the summary of that table will try to create a new Guest. Which is nonsense here because it asks you to select a calendar entry.

I wrote a new table lino_xl.lib.cal.EntriesByGuest.

Both tables show “the calendar entries having the master instance as a guest”. But EntriesByGuest will create a new calendar entry. It also makes sure that it has at least one guest, namely our master. Because otherwise, if the user creates an entry and forgets to manually add our master as a guest, they would not see the new entry.

This required two optimizations in the core:

Lino Welfare

I wrote a new data checker lino.modlib.system.BleachChecker.

We will use this in The Eupen variant of Lino Welfare to make tests. Since bleach was not yet active for them until now, there might be unexpected side effects when a user saves the database object.