Friday, June 28, 2019

Vouchers are now again duplicable. (lino_xl.lib.ledger.Voucher inherits from lino.mixins.duplicable.Duplicable). The duplicate button on an invoice disapeared quite some time ago when I removed it from the Model class because indeed we don’t want all objects to be duplicable.

Calendar view : Tonis and I fixed #3093, and we did a first attempt for #3094 (the useluss toolbar is now gone, but currently there is no refresh button).

Suggesters : the API still needs some changes. lino.modlib.memo.parser.Suggester.get_suggestions() cannot be global. It needs to know the actor and the requesting user. Before continuing on this, I will let Tonis work a bit on the js side and wait for his feedback.

For The Eupen variant of Lino Welfare they created a new virgin Debian server. I added a first user for me, changed the hostname (not trivial next time I should specify a hostname when ordering a new server) and created ~/.ssh/authorized_keys. Now we should run getlino on this, but getlino is not ready. Waiting for Hamza.

Back to the calendar view: With Tonis I had had a feeling that I can get the toolbar navigation working, and wanted to know it. Yes, navigation now also works using the buttons in the toolbar. I also reviewed and changed some internals of the calendar views. Took me a few hours: