Thursday, July 4, 2019

Optimizations for Lino Così

I did a set of optimizations for Lino Così (after a jitsi session with mm yesterday).

The duplicate action didn’t work on registered vouchers (Voucher). And the and the general behaviour after duplicating a voucher was irritating.

Now the number is set to the next available number and entry_date to today.

General changes for all duplicate actions: The lino.mixins.duplicable.Duplicate action now calls full_clean() on the newly created copy. And it is now readonly (e.g. also callable on a registered voucher).

In InvoicesByJournal the grid layout was still using voucher_date instead of entry_date. The default behaviour in Lino Così is to use only entry_date because this is what counts for accounting.

Added an UploadsByController panel to the detail layout of BankStatement.

The std fixture of lino_xl.lib.ledger now creates an upload type “source document”. Note that UPLOADTYPE_SOURCE_DOCUMENT is 4 in order to avoid duplicate keys in The Eupen variant of Lino Welfare.

Fine-tuning the memo suggester

I fixed a error occuring when there were no suggesters defined.

The parser now makes a pattern clickable without adding the full text and with setting a title for the link so that the text is shown when the mouse hovers over the link. I also wrote a new specs page Suggesters in Lino Noi.


  • the auto-completer might insert the full text into the editor after the pattern. The user can then decide whether to leave it or not.

  • The memo commands might also be defined as suggesters with a trigger of type “[ticket “. Note that in that case we need to add a new attribute “suffix” which would be empty for # and @ but “]” for memo commands.

More intuitive open-in-own-window button

I did some more attempts to get this working. No success yet.


I released Lino 19.7.2 and XL 19.7.2 to PyPI and upgraded our own Lino Così production site.