Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Second day in Nõva.

Authentication issues

The sudo docker-compose up --build now runs (after another minor issue: I had to change the database port in the docker-compose.yml file from ‘5434:5432’ to ‘5434:5433’ (probably because I have a pgsql running on my machine, so that port is already taken).

Now it works, and ends by saying:

Starting development server at

I leave that terminal running, open another terminal and say:

$ cd path/to/ajapaik-web
$ sudo docker exec -it ajapaik bash

Which opens a bash shell in the container. There I say:

# python createsuperuser

And interactively give a password and email for the web superuser.

And voilà, ajapaik is running in http://localhost:8000 with created superuser and without photos.

When I sign in (using the username and password I specified in createsuperuser), I get:

ImproperlyConfigured at /accounts/login/
No Facebook app configured: please add a SocialApp using the Django admin

Okay, of course I must set the FACEBOOK_APP_KEY and FACEBOOK_APP_SECRET settings. (These are not public of course).

I could now play in the Django shell shell` and explore things:

>>> from django.apps import apps
>>> m = apps.get_model('auth.User')
>>> [u.username for u in m.objects.all()]
['_84ypqk56uz928yixmuwz4nkj7_DFJ', 'root', '_q0ntokocen0ojzqte7vptibvx_QCP', 'luc']

Note: the temporary users with auto-generated names are a special feature in ajapaik: you can upload pictures and work anonymously because your activity is tracked in such a temporary user account.

Translation issues

Märt and I fixed some translation fixtures where I learned that the Django templating language has no way to strip whitespace from inside a {{blocktranslate}} … {{plural}} … {{endblocktranslate}} construct.

Photo management à la Lino

I started imagining two new plugins and lino_xl.lib.faces.

Or maybe we need just some optimizations to lino_xl.lib.uploads : a view which shows a “preview” of each upload in a grid of tiles. A “Tiles” view would be either a new actor subclass, or a new display_mode for tables.

Example of a ticket with an upload #3098.

Reviewed getlino

Hamza worked on getlino, I reviewed his work and did an avalanche of changes.

I stopped with some open problems:

  • ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: NO)

  • The .pyc files aren’t group writable (i.e. the umask somehow didn’t get passed)