Thursday, July 18, 2019

I had yet another series of ideas for #3036 and started working on these: lino.core.plugin.Plugin.get_requirements(), A new admin command configure, merge getlino configure and getlino setup (the differentiation is useless).

I had to decide how to name the combined command “configure” and “setup”. Both commands (the getlino command and the admin command) should have the same name because they do similar things. But at different levels (in getlino we “setup” or “configure” a production “server” which can run multiple “sites”, with the admin command we “setup” or “configure” the Python environment of a given site).

The name “setup” is suboptimal because it makes us have a file named in, and that file name should be reserved for the top-level So I finally opted for “configure” rather than “setup”. Another name candidate was “install” but I that would clash with “installing Python modules”. You first install the lino application into the environment of a site, then you “configure” that site (which will potentially install more Python modules into the environment).

$ go team $ pm configure -l bleach channels django-mailbox schedule social-auth-app-django svn+