Saturday, July 20, 2019

I discovered and fixed yet another bug introduced by my recent work on #3110. Yes, the lino.core.plugin.Plugin.get_detail_url() method must also receive the incoming action request (I changed its signature), and the renderer of the extjs plugin now returns a different URL depending on whether ar.request is set or not: when calling it from send_summary_emails (e.g. ar.request is None), we want a “permalink” or “https:” URI. Otherwise we want a “javascript:…” URI.

I continued on #3036 and wrote a new command inv configure. This command is quite slow (it invokes pip install multiple times on each demo project), but that’s not our primary concern on travis. The great thing is that we can soon remove all those tricky requirement files and the file. And in the developeräs guide we can replace those complicated installation instruction by an instruction to run inv configure.

Adapted Changes in atelier, rstgen and sphinxfeed. Released atelier to PyPI. Adapted the .travis.yml of book to use this new command.

There is a dependency hell around channels and redis in lino.modlib.notify. I somehow got it to pass the test suite, but I disabled asgi_redis completely. Need to test it after release to jane and hobbit.