Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Released version 19.7.4 of XL to PyPI. (needed for testing getlino).

I am working on the interface between getlino and cookiecutter: the pull.sh and make_snapshots.sh scripts.

The cookiecutter.json file is actually useless and even disturbing for us: cookicutter seems to filter extra_context, accepting only names that are defined in the cookiecutter.json file. But okay, we can live with this.

shared-env is now a server-side setting (i.e. asked during configure). But you can also override it in startsite. On a development machine you will specify your default working environment here.

Added a --prod/no-prod option. If you say --no-prod, you will get a development server. This mode is not yet functional. For example it doesn’t automatically download all repositories. Can wait. Note that on a development server you can run startsite without being root because no system files need to be modified.

getlino configure now creates a lino_local package, and the settings.py file import * from there (in addition to the application settings).

The STATIC_ROOT is set to ‘env/static’. Sites with a shared env also have shared static files.

TODO: a newly created site should run in nginx. Add optional support for webDAV and basic HTTP authentication.

TODO (not urgent, we can live with this): avoid mysql asking 3x for the root password, we should probably use the python-mysql interface when creating the db and the user: https://hub.packtpub.com/granting-access-mysql-python/