Wednesday, July 24, 2019


I pulled Hamza’s changes in getlino and The startsite template and tried whether I can use getlino startsite to run.

$ sudo -H configure $ sudo -H startsite noi a

But http://a.localhost/ still shows the “Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page”. Although yesterday I had done:

$ sudo apt remove apache2

I run:

$ sudo apt autoremove
$ sudo service nginx reload

No change. Okay I see that I have two files in my /var/www/html: index.html and index.nginx-debian.html.

I started reading the Beginner’s Guide but then decided to stop here and to continue together with Hamza.

Backup reminded me that I haven’t used them for some time. They worry whether I have a backup copy. Yes, indeed, their client lost its configuration some time ago when I changed a mountpoint on my notebook.

Here is what I would like to backup:

  • Documents 2 GB

  • .thunderbird 26 GB

  • dell1tb/vbshared2/drives 22 GB

  • Pictures 347 GB

  • archive 186 GB

  • collect : 17 GB

Only the first three are critically important. Pictures would be the next important folder, but I feel too young to pay a monthly fee. I will rather by a Raspberry Pi with an external hard disk.

It took me some time to refresh my brain about how my valuable data is organized… En passant I updated Monitoring disk usage. I liked this question on StackExchange: Display folder sizes in file manager. And it’s a pity that this feature doesn’t exist on Ubuntu.